Shop with a Player - “swap”

One of Zac’s favorites was SWAP, he got to mentor to younger kids & was in his “element” shopping

Shop with a player is a program started by Travis Hannah, varsity basketball coach at John Glenn and Zac embraced being a part of it. Money is raised and deserving children get a shopping trip with the boys basketball team and dinner at a local restaurant. Zac was always thankful, grateful and humble and this program touched his heart deeply. He never took his blessings for granted.

Our First Different SWAP

By Tracy Perry

In loving memory of Zac Mago

T’was the night of Shop with a Player, and all through the halls,

Excitement was building between every wall.

The players were excited to take their new friends to shop,

The anticipation was building, they were ready to pop!

The students were wondering, what would the night hold,

They only knew the few details that they had been told.

But something was missing, just wasn’t quite right,

One special person was absent on this night.

The players all knew him as their friend, teammate, and peer,

The one the opponents on the court had come to fear.

His family was invited to shop on his behalf,

To remind us of his spirit, his humor, and his laugh.

He was a special player, always giving all he had,

But there was so much more to him, just ask his mom and dad.

He loved his family, and shared many moments of fun,

Shopping, working, and laughing until the day was done.

He was also a dedicated student, studying hard each & every day,

He needed good grades for college, so more ball he could play.

He had a lot of friends, who always loved to be near him,

Their times were often cut short, so he could practice at the gym!

He loved this night, combining so many of his favorite things,

Shopping, laughing, his team, and eating all those wings!

So tonight, we want you to know that though we can’t see him here,

We feel his presence in our heart, with each memory we hold dear.

Zac is no longer here with us, he was called up to play on a bigger team,

But you are left here now to carry on his dream!

So as you encounter each and every day, look for things that you can do,

To show some kindness to others and work hard to mark your dreams come true.