#5 on Five

Zac was #5 on the basketball court and was moved on July 5th.  Zac loved life and nurtured and fostered every friendship and relationship he made. He offered a hand-up, a lift-up and was always the one with the smile that lit-up. The following was written by a mom who knew Zac well and made his favorite chocolate chip pancakes! In 5 sentences she summed up much about Zac and 5 things we should all take the time to do each day.    


  1. Encourage others; be generous with your high 5’s. Say hello or start a conversation with 5 people outside of your circle. Give out 5 compliments.
  2. Be slow to anger; take 5 seconds before you respond. Forgive 5 times, 5 more, and then 5 more.
  3. Engage and connect; take 5 undistracted minutes to have a conversation and share your day. Get to know people better; ask 5 questions and then really listen to the answers.
  4. Beginnings and endings; start the day by taking 5 minutes to breath, meditate, pray, and plan your day, and end each day by giving thanks for 5 things you are grateful for.
  5. Set goals; set 5 goals and work tirelessly to achieve them, and then set 5 more.

                                                                     -Missy Frankiewicz

The Boy with the Biggest Heart is a PART OF US

            What we have once 

                we can never

              all that we deeply 


                  becomes a 

                PART OF US.

                               -Travis Hannah