Heart Screenings Save Lives

Heart Screenings Save Lives

Heart Screenings Save LivesHeart Screenings Save LivesHeart Screenings Save Lives

Heart  Screenings  are  the  most  effective  way  to  find  heart  abnormalities.  Sign your teen up today!

My Siblings


Jillian, Me, Matthew

About me: ”I try to challenge myself in many aspects. I am independent and I strive hard to achieve my goals in life.” - Zac Mago

My  sibs:  Jillian is the big sis no brother wants  until she became cool like me. It took me awhile to get her there but I had goals!  The  things  we  did  and  the  places  we  shopped.  She  did  teach  me  the  art  of  bargain  shopping,  moms  money  spends  best  and  how  to  keep  quiet  about  things  mom  and  dad  didn’t  need  to  know. At first, Matthew was just my annoying little brother, then the day came that he was my little bro. He  was  the  best  little  bro.  I  learned  a  thing  or  two  from  him  that  no  text  book  would  have  taught either  of  us.  I’m the glue that binds the three of us together. Without my physical presence, their relationship is a work in process.  

2nd Annual Hoosier Daddy Bow Fishing Tournament

Entry Fee - $100 per 2-4 man team 

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my Story


On the Basketball Court

Sudden Cardiac Arrest took my life while I  was taking a nap on the afternoon of July 5, 2018. I  was one week shy of my  18th birthday. I was looking forward to my senior year at John Glenn High School where I  was an honor student, a standout on the basketball team, and in the Startup Moxie Entrepreneur's program. I  studied hard, trained hard, played hard and napped just as hard. I was a son, brother, grandson, nephew, and a friend to everyone.  I  didn’t  just talk  to  people,  I  invested  in  people  and  in  the  relationships  I  forged.  Had  I  survived  SCA,  I’d  be  running  the  ZMF  and  providing  heart  screenings.  Because  God  had  other  plans,  my  parents  along  with  some  of  the  people  I  loved  most  in  life  do  a  kick ass  job  saving  other  teens.  I’m  super  proud.

Zac Mago - Junior Prom 5/4/18

Our Mission

The Zac Mago Foundation is an organization working to bring awareness, education and prevention to conditions that could cause Sudden Cardiac Arrest in teenagers. Prevention of SCA is possible...through heart screenings. A stethoscope alone is not sufficient to detect heart abnormalities.  If  it  was  sufficient,  my  story  would  be  different.


Check out our calendar of events to learn about upcoming fundraisers as well as times and locations of screenings.


Keeping the beat

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