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We use your donations to provide life saving heart screenings to the teens in our community.

Zac's Story

Zac in Action


Sudden Cardiac Arrest took Zac's life while he was taking a nap on the afternoon of July 5, 2018. Zac was one week shy of his 18th birthday. Zac was looking forward to his senior year at John Glenn High School where he was an honor student, a standout on his high school basketball team, and in the Startup Moxie Entrepreneur's program. Zac studied hard, trained hard, played hard and napped just as hard. Zac was a son, brother, grandson, nephew, and a friend to everyone.

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Our Mission

Zac Mago - Junior Prom 5/4/18

The Zac Mago Foundation is an organization working to bring awareness, education and prevention to conditions that could cause Sudden Cardiac Arrest in teenagers. Prevention of SCA is possible. We work with local partners to provide affordable heart screenings for teens to detect conditions that could lead to SCA. 

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Check out our calendar of events to learn about upcoming fundraisers as well as times and locations of screenings.

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